A Message from your 2015-2016 MBDHA President

Kris DowlingAs we look toward a new year in our component, I’d like to share a little bit from the past few months. At the end of May, MBDHA had 9 members (4 of which were Cabrillo students) participate at the House of Delegates (HOD) in San Diego. This was an especially exciting year, as our own Karine Strickland was wrapping up her year as the CDHA President and was honored with a luncheon and roaring 20’s party. We are so proud of her for representing the State of California and dedicating so much to our profession. The executive committee had their annual summer planning meeting on July 16th. We have a lot of great things planned, and are looking forward to building our community this year! Networking with colleagues is a great way to connect, learn, and find new opportunities. Please see our list of events coming up. The following are your MBDHA elected officers and committee chairs for 2015-2016:
* President: Kris Dowling
* Community Dental Health: Leslie Eggleston
* Cont. Ed Chair: Patricia Anderson and Kris Dowling
* Trustee: Brenda Rodriquez
* Immediate Past President: The Board
* Secretary: Barbara Ultsch
* Treasurer: Patricia Anderson
* Membership: Wendy Brush
* IT: Leslie Crowell (Newsletter), Mary Jo Cardinale (Newsletter and Web)
* Ways and Means: Brenda Rodriquez and Leslie Crowell
* SRC Liaison: Barbara Ultsch
* SRC Faculty Advisor: Kris Dowling
* Public Relations: The Board
* Legislative Liaison: Holly Akiyoshi
* Employment Referral: Anna Agone
* Member Support: Jeanette Cassorla
Many thanks to all those giving of their time and talents to make this coming year one to remember.
Kris Dowling, RDHAP, BA, MSDHc line